Date : 30 / Jun / 2018
Time : 21:30

Nick Aslam Rebel City Revival + Michael D. Win + A Standard Model

jackofthearts Presents: The objec_Tour

Nick Aslam Rebel City Revival

Uno de los cantantes / compositores más originales del mundo. Rebel City Revival, la última gran banda del mundo. “Nick Aslam y su banda son espectaculares en vivo; tiene una gran presencia en el escenario, ¡necesitas verlo!” Dean Jackson (BBC)
One of the worlds most original sounding singer/songwriters. Rebel City Revival the worlds last great band. “Nick Aslam and his band are spectacular live; He has a tremendous stage presence, you need to see him!” Dean Jackson (BBC)

Michael D. Wynn

Es un chamán de estudio basado en la zona rural más profunda de Herefordshire, Reino Unido, con una colección de viejos sintetizadores, cajas de ritmos, samplers e incluso discos de synth-pop más antiguos.
Is a studio shaman based in deepest rural Herefordshire, UK, with a collection of old synthesizers, drum machines, samplers and even older synth-pop records.
Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1: Introducing) – “… anthemic…”
Andrew Marston (BBC Hereford & Worcester: Introducing) – “… dark electronica…”
Colston Hall, Bristol – “…emerging electronica, colourful, highly original…”
Wychwood Festival, Gloucestershire – “… both dark and catchy, a must-see for all fans of electronica…”
Two Beats Off – “… classic pop songwriting sitting comfortably alongside organic synth textures… gloriously 80’s synths and staccato drum machine fills fight for your attention alongside infectious vocal hooks …”

A Standard Model

A dysfunctional abstraction. Weakend punk and electromondaynity. London / Rio de Janeiro / Stoke-on-Trent.